I am a shamanic practitioner, a ceremonialist, working within a distinctly Celtic tradition. I run courses and workshops on Shamanism, offer Shamanic healing and divination and am an experienced ceremonialist and celebrant.

Hidden away within the traditions, myths, and stories of these islands – both Britain and Ireland – like pathways in the mist, are the old shamanic and magical understandings of this land. They can feel like a riddle within a puzzle wrapped up in a conundrum that defies logic and rational understanding; yet read with a ‘shamanic’ eye they reveal a rich and complex shamanic practice that was once indigenous to these islands, but had been lost.  Now it is being rediscovered and brought to consciousness in a form that is wholly practical and relevant to us in the present day.

My spiritual path and shamanic practice is heavily influenced by those stories, and is deeply inspired by my relationship and deep connection with nature and the guiding spirits of nature. I have been privileged to learn from some wonderful teachers both incarnate and in spirit. To all those who have shared, and continue to share, their shamanic teachings, knowledge, and wisdom with me, I am deeply and humbly grateful. The learning never stops.

Raised near the coast of Dorset, I still love the wild beauty of Purbeck and the ancient heaths that cover the county. I am of Irish ancestry on my father’s side and an English maternal line deeply rooted in the landscape of the Ridgeway, the Vale of the White Horse, and the Thames Valley. I currently live close to the Ridgeway in Wiltshire.