The following workshops are best taken as a series that will build into a deeper way of understanding a native spirituality of these islands and an integrated way of spiritual practice. They will bring together the evidence we have from the ancient myths of Ireland and Britain as well as writings from sources such as the Romans and Greeks. We will explore aspects of the Western Magical Tradition. We will look at Core Shamanic techniques as well as indigenous methods of working with spirit from unbroken shamanic traditions across the world. Throughout each workshop, we will acknowledge and honour the source of all that we are learning and practicing.

If desired, and if you have some experience of shamanic journeying and a good relationship with your shamanic guides each may be taken as a stand-alone workshop, space permitting.

Using our mythic imagination together with scholarly enquiry we will piece together a practice grounded in the magical islands of Britain and Ireland. As we explore together we will find it is both as authentic as possible, utterly practical and wholly relevant to our modern lives and modern society.

My courses aren’t for everyone, and I would always suggest you attend my Introduction to Shamanism workshop, or perhaps one of the oneday workshops I offer before committing to the full cycle of ‘Once Around the Sun’, or the four year apprenticeship. There are no rainbows and unicorns (at least, not too many, and then only when they are needed or called upon) and there is nothing fluffy or ‘new age’ about what I offer. As with all I do and share, it is grounded in the land, the ancestors, and the spirits of nature.

Introduction to Shamanism

A one day basic course covering what shamanism is, how to journey, the three shamanic worlds, finding our own power animal and some basic shamanic healing techniques.

Based on core shamanic methods, this workshop will form a strong foundation for further exploration of shamanism and is a vital part of ensuring you have a good, strong relationship with your spirit guides and animal helpers from the beginning of your explorations. The day will be participative and fun as well as opening doorways into the spirit world as you learn to journey safely and effectively.

Once Around the Sun cycle:

Finding Deep Roots

In this full day course, we will explore the roots of our native spirituality and the fundamentals of shamanic practice. Exploring the element of Earth, We will take our shamanic journeying skills and learn how to find our missing soul parts, bringing them back to begin the integration of who were brought to this lifetime to be. We will spend time in nature, learn how to root deeply, work with nature spirits and learn how to communicate more deeply with them.

Spreading our Wings

We continue our explorations by turning to the high skies. We will work with the element of Air, look to our teachers and helping spirits, learning powerful techniques to enable us to seek and begin to understand our deepest fears and what it is that holds us back. We will explore the power of voice and song, story and myth.

Visions and Possibilities

Here we look to the transforming energy of the element of Fire.  Seeking to see more clearly, with both our physical eyes and inner vision, we look to our own energy body and how we can protect ourselves from the everyday things that cause us to leak power and energy. We will explore how we react to situations and where we can find inspiration, even in the most unlikely of places. We will spend time looking at how we can keep a clear vision of who we are during these times of profound change.

Stepping into the Flow

Our emotions are a powerful tool. They can lead us to the peaks of joy, and they can take us to the pits of despair.  We will explore how we can find ourselves carrying the emotional burdens of others and how we can clear them. We will look deeply into the spirit world and recognise where we need to step more deeply into the flow of life and where we have found ourselves trapped in deep stagnant pools of stuck energy. Through shamanic work we will see how we can identify and clear these energies.

Returning to the Cave

We return to the place where we began when we first began to look for those deep roots of who we are, and the roots of a spiritual practice that will allow us to grow and become who we are destined to be. We are changed. Forever changed. We look at who we are now, what we have cast aside as no longer serving us, and look at where we wish to go next. This is a moment of profound possibility if you are prepared to hear the call of spirit.

Spinning the Circle, Becoming the Dancer – creating Ceremony and Ritual

Into the Mists – four year apprenticeship

For those who wish to go further still I offer a four-year apprenticeship which will allow those wishing to explore our own native and indigenous spiritual practices and shamanic ways even more deeply. Each year offers an opportunity to focus on specific aspects enabling us to live our practice with honour and respect for all life and all that surrounds us. It gives an opportunity to understand the ethical choices we make each and every day, to recognise where our modern western society has fallen out of step from traditional indigenous societies, and what we need to re-learn from them. On completion of the four years you will have a deeper understanding of the ancient Celtic myths and their relevance to our spiritual practice in the present day, who you are, your soul’s purpose, the spirits of nature and the otherworld, healing ways, the sacred, and how to live more deeply, more creatively and more respectfully of all beings.

It is not a course to be taken lightly but requires dedication and a willingness to go deep within ourselves as well as opening our hearts to all that surrounds us.