I am a ceremonialist and celebrant, with 20 years experience in crafting and holding ceremony and sacred space for all significant moments in our lives; from birth to death, including handfastings and weddings, namings, coming of age, menarche, croning, funerals and rites of passing, seasonal celebrations, moving house, and almost any other event you can think of.

Part of my apprenticeship within Druidry was to learn how to create deep and meaningful ceremony and ritual, making it a catalyst for change and growth and allowing us to mark those important times in our lives through stepping out of everyday life for a few hours.  There is a deep need for ceremony that our modern society neglects and we need to recognise just how important it can be.

I was trained in funeral celebrancy by ‘green fuse’ funeral training, who I specifically chose for their beautiful ethic and desire to ensure that the person who has died is honoured and remembered in a way that is deeply meaningful and reflects the person who is being honoured.

If you would like to find out more, please use my contact form.

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