My practice is deeply animistic, influenced by my predominantly Celtic spirituality; I work with the gods and spirits of Britain and Ireland within the context of my own shamanic understanding.

Trained in modern core shamanism, I am inspired by the Mongolian and Northern European traditions; those shared by Sarangarel, those of the old Nordic ways, and those of the Saami.  These enliven my core shamanic practice and I honour those who have shared them with me; but I am not bound by the unquestioned insistence of their exact form or content. That comes from my relationship with the two main strands that inform my work – the land and my ancestors. I am deeply connected to the land, to these islands of Britain and Ireland, listening to the whispers and songs of hill and mountain, tree, rock, stone, river and valley. It is those stories and myths, and the clues contained within them, that offer me my deepest inspirationn.

I have studied both core shamanism and a number of indigenous traditions; I’ve been initiated into the mysteries of Druidry, in the ways of Faerie, and have studied the ancient Celtic Myths of the islands of Britain and Ireland. In the past I worked in the ways of Wicca, ‘traditional’ Witchcraft, and the Western Mystery traditions.  In my former professional career I was trained in modern therapies such as NLP, Transactional Analysis, Past Life Therapy and Regression techniques.

I offer special thanks all those who have shared their wisdom and teachings with me over the year, and especially to the following, who have taught me so much that I use in my practice today:

  • Sarah Howcroft, who passed into spirit early in 2017, who I was deeply blessed to have been given one to one training with and who gave me in-depth Shamanic Practitioners training
  • Susan Greenwood, with her course on Magical (Shamanic) Consciousness at the University of Sussex for showing me that scholarship and intuitive practice need not be mutually exclusive
  • Tira Brandon Evans for her teachings on Faery (Celtic) Shamanism and for giving me insights on the ancient myths of Ireland and fostering a deeper connection to my own spirit guides
  • Emma Restall Orr  (Bobcat), former Joint Head of the British Druid Order and founder of The Druid Network, who I spent a number of years in face to face teachings with, and who remains hugely influential in my continuing spiritual practice and a deeply respected mentor
  • The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, whose courses initally inspired the spiritual path I am now on
  • Patrick MacManawey for his wonderful and perceptive teachings on Practical Geomancy and Earth Energies
  • ‘green fuse’ for their superb funeral celebrancy training

In the end, what I practice is a living breathing but wholly personal way of connecting and working with Spirit. Parts of it are core shamanism, parts are inherited from ancient wisdom traditions, some from modern therapeutic ways. It is mine, and mine alone. I don’t pretend it’s some long lost ancient Celtic way, or from an unbroken lineage dating back beyond living memory. But it works. I offer it because my spirits have asked me to. Feel free to take what works and ignore what doesn’t. I have no axe to grind; nor do I see myself as, or feel the need to be, some sort of wise all-knowing expert who insists things must be done ‘just so’. If others see me as some sort of wise woman then I am deeply flattered. I simply do what it is I do. If what I share calls to you and it works for you I am pleased and grateful. It is what spirit has gifted me and I share it with humility. If it doesn’t call to you, or doesn’t work for you, I wish you well as you continue your search.

Beannacht daoine sìdhe; Beannacht déithe is aindéithe
Blessings of the sidhe; Blessings of the gods and the ungods

Christine Vixx

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