Beltaine Open Ceremony

Saturday 5th May 2018, 7pm
East Lockinge, near Wantage

Come celebrate the turning of the wheel and the time of Beltaine, the greening of the wild and the time of the May blossom. Celebrate this time of rising sap, longer days, new growth and fertility.

Dress as the May Queen or the Green Man, or simply come as you are as we share this time of joy, laughter, and rising energy. Bring offerings to the spirits of place and a sense of wonder for all of nature’s gifts.

The ceremony will be held in a fairly large and beautifully wild private garden with a fire pit and a labyrinth. There will be an open fire, so small children need to be supervised at all times. Please contact me via my website or message me on Facebook to arrange a place as space is limited. The exact location will be provided when your place is confirmed. There is no charge for attending.


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